My Favorite Happiness Products

Setting intentional goals and investing in yourself is so important, but rarely a priority for any of us.  Leading your tribe and building your empire requires so much of your attention, that it may seem like there are not enough hours in the day to give yourself the love you require.  You will find that once you make time for yourself and truly stick to it, it feels as if more hours magically appear.  Maintaining mind health through stress management and habit building has so many benefits for you and everyone around you.

color-delicious-freshness-1189314The first step in creating a life of happiness, is defining what happiness means for you.  When I started planning The Matriarch Blog, I was really focused on bullet journaling.  You can see in my early posts like ‘Intro to Bullet Journaling’ and Things Are About To Get Real where my head was at.  I was ready to go, so pumped, but had absolutely no idea where I was going with all of it.  I slowly moved away from traditional bullet journalling and started using OneNote and GoodNotes to create my own digital bullet journals.  It was more convenient for me because I am addicted to my iPad so I did it much more often as a result.  I was also able to quickly access my research in my dropbox and google drive, so it just made more sense for me to go digital.

Anywhoo, in all of my scouring of the internet looking for awesome journals and templates to download into my fancy new system, I came across ‘The Law of Attraction Planner’ and it has honestly been my best find yet (and I have a ton of content).  This planner is so in depth and forces you to analyze what it truly is that you want out of life.  Picture it…if money or time was not a factor and you could live and do whatever you want, what would you do?  That’s a pretty big question once you start to really think it through.

The Law of Attraction Planner


So this was the start to a new chapter in my life.  A new step towards, honestly, the same goals.  When you are forced to look that deeply at yourself, things start to rise up that you forgot were roots within happiness for you.  Life gets in the way of happiness too often, and the planner makes an attempt at opening your mind to the things you love – that you may have fallen out of touch with.

Once you figure out your ‘why’ – what is a ‘why’, you ask?  Your ‘why’ is  your happy.  Your motivation.  Your reason for doing.  Once you can clearly define what your ‘why’ is, it makes it easier to understand what it is you need to do to get there.  For me, I want to inspire people to live the best lives that they can live, regardless of their circumstance.  It is my goal to take all of the research, experience and products I have used, and share them with the world with the hopes that others can also use them to find happiness in their lives.

Now, the foundation of happiness is wellness.  We have to feel good, to be happy.  My journey starts with wellness products that help me maintain my health every single day.  Below are some of my favorite products that help promote my happy.  I hope they can help you too!






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